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The Future of City Mobility and Automotive

Cities are facing one big challenge: failing infrastructure, which is impacting all facets of city mobility including automotive. Even with hybrid working arrangements for many, there is still a strain on our cities’ infrastructure systems. Here is my question: what if we reimagined mobility?

By |12/22/2021|

Digital Twin and the Data Tsunami

Engineering data, schedules, enterprise data, control and sensor data, GIS (geographic information systems), LiDAR: There is a veritable data tsunami that is happening in businesses these days, and construction and engineering companies are now tasked with harnessing all this data, which comes at the same time as the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Enter digital twins, which are able to not only reign in the data, but will also enable contractors and engineers to make better and faster decisions. Let’s explore.

By |12/15/2021|

Manufacturing Ramps Up, but How?

A host of industries are still not yet fully recovered from the remarkable fallout that has surrounded the COVID-19 pandemic—and the ripple effect can be felt across many waters of the globe. But this has me wondering which sectors will continue to grow more rapidly than the economy as we head into 2022. If I were a betting person, I would guess the best sectors that are outperforming others have greatly begun the digital transformation journey.

By |12/8/2021|

What’s Next: Opportunities Abound

Welcome to a new month. As we head into the New Year, we need to consider how business has changed in the past year and how it might also change in the year ahead. We are at the precipice of a great shift in business, all with the help of digital transformation and the IoT (Internet of Things). The time is now for great innovation. Let me explain.

By |12/1/2021|

Cybersecurity and Hijacked IP Addresses

With the rise in ransomware and cyberattacks on businesses of all sizes, executives need to be vigilant about protecting their business and protecting their data. Here’s the challenge: new forces are going to make this harder than ever before.

By |11/24/2021|

The Steps to Safer AVs, EVs

With the need to curb traffic accidents and the rise of greater urbanization, AVs (autonomous vehicles) and EVs (electric vehicles) represent the future of automotive. However, a few real hurdles still stand in the way. Chief among those hurdles is the safety and security of the vehicles.

By |11/18/2021|

Women Return to the Workforce

Women left the workforce in waves during the pandemic—most due to lack of childcare. Now, many are looking to return, and they are eyeing one area in particular: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

By |11/10/2021|

The Future of Carbon Neutrality

This is a big week for sustainability and carbon neutrality. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, is the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference and is being held in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, between October 31 and Nov. 12, 2021.

By |11/1/2021|
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